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Govt, opposition don’t want accountability says JI Ameer Siraj Ul Haq

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Chief Siraj Ul Haq said it is proof that the government and opposition did not want accountability and they could not be agreed on establishment of commission after eight back to back meeting of parliamentary committee for formation of TRO’s adding that fearing that today PM stuck and tomorrow can be their turn.

Addressing Juma congregation in Mansoora the JI headquarter, he said that the government and opposition have been escaping from accountability and judicial commission making the process controversial.

The JI ameer said that religious forces of the country must set aside mutual differences for implementation of Islam in the country.

Siraj urged the government to close TV programs which are razing sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan on the name of Ramadan transmission adding that boys and girls dance at a time of Iftar tantamount to calling the wrath of God.

The JI ammer said that there is chaos and anarchy everywhere in the country and whole of the nation paying the price of ruler’s incompetency and national institutions are in state of deterioration due to corruption, mismanagement and dishonesty while he said that the JI always tried to unite religious parties.