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Washington: Donald Trump loses popularity in comparison of Hillary Clinton    

In comparison of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump popularity has started towards downwards trajectory whereas campaign started no to vote to Trump  by dozens of  Republican party’s representatives.  Paul Ryon, speaker of Republican parliament representatives  also opposed Donald Trump.

According  to US TV and newspapers survey, during the past one month Trump’s public popularity has reduced about 12 per cent in comparison of Hillary Clinton wheres Trump also accepted it.

Earlier this,  dozens of republican delegates have begun a campaign for having the right of votes in election and presidential candidate nomination that  Trump should given vote for presidential candidate in national convention in November and amendment must be made in party laws whereas this clause also be included that representatives according  their conscience could cast vote to presidential candidate.

According to sources, Paul also has opposed of Trump while saying it  delegates should be given right to cast vote of its favourite candidate according to their conscience by making amendment in party laws.