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150 Men Performed Last Rites Of Their Marriages In India

Web Desk(August 27, 2018): In a bizarre protest against feminism, around 150 men performed the last rites of their marital relationships at Varanasi’s famous Manikarnika Ghat last week at an event organized by NGO Save Indian Family and Daaman Welfare Society. 

The reason for such a drastic move was feminism which had shattered their families, the men said.

The men, who gathered at Manikarnika ghat from different parts of the country, took a dip in the Ganga and performed the last rites of their marriage, Hindustan Times reported.“We don’t want to go back to traditional set up of the society in which men are considered as protectors and providers and women as caretakers. We support equality. But feminism in today’s form has deviated from its core values of equality and is trying to create a gynocentric society,” Amit Deshpande, a social activist who attended the event, told Hindustan Times.

Despande said that the last rites were for the corrupted form of feminism and men want equality in every form.

Anupam Dubey, a member of Save Indian Family and Daaman Welfare Society, said that they are fighting for the rights of men and that there is an ongoing bias against them.

“Many a family broke because of this form of feminism. We are against it. Equality means equality,” said Dubey.

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