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The real Rambo: Afghan guard who stopped suicide bomber with bare hands

KABUL: Known only as ”Rambo”, an Afghan gate guard at Camp Phoenix in Kabul gained notoriety when he prevented, with his bare hands, a potentially devastating suicide attack on the base he was protecting.

He saved countless lives by stopping a suicide bomber with his bare hands at an international military base in Kabul and received several accolades for his bravery, including a signed picture from the actor Sylvester Stallone.

“My name is Rambo and I guard the front gate at Camp Phoenix. I’ve done this job for over 13 years now. Even before the coalition arrived here, I was working in this same spot for 15 years as a guard,” said Rambo.

He said, “When they arrived and built a base here, they asked me if I wanted to continue working as a guard. They told me that they would be giving me a rifle but I didn’t accept it.

I have a knife and some other small weapons which I carry. As you know this is Afghanistan and tension can arise between people, especially in this role.”3Rambo prefers not to carry weapons and instead just carry a bat for his self defense. “Sometimes you can become angry over small things. So for this reason I prefer to just carry my bat for my self defence,” he said.

He also uses his voice as a weapon and says his voice can sound very aggressive make people afraid.

“It was around 9 o’clock in the morning when I saw a car turn very slowly and approach the gate. There were two of us positioned at the front gate. The rest of the guards were standing a little further back,” said Rambo.

He said, “When we saw the car coming towards us, I asked him to stop. He didn’t so I pulled open his door. When I opened the door, I saw two wires coming out of the dashboard. I quickly grabbed them. He was trying to connect the wires to detonate a bomb so I wrestled with him.

I managed to turn off the car. I shouted to the other guard that the driver was a suicide bomber. He pulled him out of the car and we arrested him.

Lots of people congratulated me after what I did. I was invited to Bagram Air Base to receive medals from an American four-star general.”

2Rambo said he has received letter and autograph of the American actor Sylvester Stallone. “Rambo has sent me pictures of himself. I sent some pictures of myself back to him. He signed one of the pictures he sent to me, the one where he is holding up a large knife.

He sent a letter with it. He told me that he was only acting as Rambo, but you are the real Rambo.”

This is the script of a NATOChannel story by Laurence Cameron