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US wants talks among Afghan factions through Afghan government

The United States of America has said that it wanted reconciliation process in Afghanistan through Afghan leadership adding that Afghan President Asharaf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah will have to  work together, commenting on former Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansoor the spokesman said that he was against the peace talks and attacks on coalition forces.

According to the US TV, giving media briefing the US state department spokesman Mark Tooner said that America wanted long lasting peace in Afghanistan adding that it is American wish that peace talks be held among different Afghan groups in the supervision  of Afghan leadership.

The Spokesman urged Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah should work together and the US is constantantly in touch through embassies in Washington and Kabul to end differences between the duo.

Mark Tooner stressed the Taliban to surrender arms for peace and stability in Afghanistan. Answering a query, the spokesman said that Russia has been attacking in Syria from bases in Iran for many months adding that lawyers and security council are reviewing the matter whether Russia did violation of international laws or not by using bases in Iran for attack and Russia has to prove itself in the security council that its attack in Syria from Iran were legitimate.