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Business train collides with freight train, One killed

KARACHI: The business train en-route to Lahore collided with a freight train at the Ran Pathani Railway Station, 70 kilometers from Karachi.

According to the details, a collision between two trains on Tuesday killed at least one person near Ran Pathani area of Sindh, assistant driver was killed in the collision while several people are injured.

Several people were said to have been injured in the accident, although the exact number was yet to be verified.

An emergency train has been dispatched to Ran Pathani Railway Station.

Emergency teams were dispatched but were facing difficulties in reaching the remote location.

The accident has led to delays of trains leaving from Karachi to other parts of the country.

Railway services between Karachi and the rest of the country were suspended after the accident.

Relatives of the train’s passengers flocked the Karachi Cantonment Railway Station to inquire about the well-being of their loved ones. The Business Express train was carrying 270 passengers at the time of accident.