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LB Elections: PPP clean sweeps in Interior Sindh, MQM wins from Hyderabad

Pakistan People Party (PPP) cleaned sweep in last phase of local body’s election in interior Sindh as Sukkur, Larkana, Ghotki and other cities won by the PPP candidates, however, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) candidates elected as mayor and deputy mayor from Hyderabad.

The MQM candidate Tayyib Hussain elected as mayor while Sohail Mashhadi as deputy mayor. The MQM candidates got 111 votes out of 143.

Asghar Hallepoto of PPP defeated Zulfiqar Mirza’s son Hassam Mirza by taking 51 votes and have elected as chairman and Allah Dino Chandio as vice-chairman. Hassam Mirza secured 45 votes.

The PPP also have cleaned sweep in Sukkur where Arsalan Shiekh and Tariq Chauhan elected unopposed as mayor and deputy mayor respectively while the party candidates for district council chairman and vice-chairman Aslam Shiekh and Shahzaib Shah respectively also elected unopposed.

On the other hand in Larkana the PPP candidate Aslam Shiekh elected as mayor and Anwar Ali Nawaz Lehar as deputy mayor.  The PPP candidates got 22 votes out of 30 while in Ghothki , the PPP candidate Munir Ahmed securing 12 elected as Chairman  and Ikram Ul Haq as vice-chairman from Daharki Town Committee.

From Municipal committee of Qambar Shahdadt Kot, the PPP candidate Shaban Ali Shiekh and Zulfiqar Khanzada elected as chairman and vice-chairman while the PPP candidates Muhammad Qasim Khosa and Syed Attiq Shah have elected unopposed as chairman and deputy chairman from district council of Qambar Shahdat Kot.

From, Ghothki’s district council, the PPP candidates Haji Khan Mehar and Muhammad Safdar Chachar elected as chairman and vice-chairman after getting 79 votes while Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) candidate Farooq Lodhi and Javeed Memon appeared victorious on slot of chairman and vice-chairman in Noshehro Feroz’s Mehrabpur Town Committee.