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Every person belongs to judiciary needs training says CJ LHC

Chief Justice (CJ) Lahore High Court (LHC) Syed Mansoor Ali Shah has said that training programs plays vital role in development of institutions while every individual belongs to judiciary needed training.

Addressing a ending ceremony of master training program for instructors at judicial academy, CJ LHC Syed Mansoor Ali Shah said that no any institutions can progress without training adding that it is better to arrange training courses to remove flaws instead hiding flaws.

Honorable Justice,  Syed Mansoor Ali Shah said that training courses will enhance the performance of the judges where we can remove our weaknesses during the training.

The ceremony was attended by EU in-charge of program in Punjab ‘easy access to justice’, John Lipton, Sydney center of Judicial studies director Leong Stone Armitage, registrar LHC and Director General (DG) Punjab Judicial Academy.