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Team spending one year in Mars-like artificial environment came out

What will be effect on human body and mind after living on red planet, the Mars lonely, to know this a team of 6 members lived in the artificial environment of  the Mars almost one years lonely and now they have left and come out of the environment. More than 200 scientist reviewed the Mars mission team.

As per American TV, the US space research institution NASA, had created artificial environment of the Mars in one of island of its Hawaii state.

The Mars like environment was created in two storey air-tight building.  Three men and same number of women have been left in the building with limited food stuff.

The Mars team had limited contact with their relatives and friends on earth. They need 20 minutes time to send signal to earth and another 20 minutes to receive the responding signal and overall they need 40 minutes time for a message.

The team spent almost one year at the island in Hawaii and kept limited contact with each other as well. Besides the team 6 members, as many as 38 types of animals and birds were also placed in the artificial environment of the Mars.

The Mars team with limited food,  had grew vegetables for themselves and recycled water.

This program of NASA has been continued since 2012 and its aim is to save mission members from effects on it from the mars that will be sent to the Mars in 2020.

As many as 280 scientist reviewed this experiment.