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Assailant was Afghan, 8kg explosive used in Mardan blast: Initial report

An initial report for suicide blast has prepared which happened last day in district kacheri of Mardan as suicide attacker was a Afghan inhabitant.

In addition, Peshawar police have prepared Mardan-Kacheri attacks’ preliminary report, according to which a suicide bomber was Afghan national, who was between 30-32 years-old, while 8kg explosive were used in last day attack in which a large number of ball-bearing used.

According to police report, assailant was on foot-walk and he first attacked at gate of district Kacheri with hand grenade, afterwards he has tried to enter inside which police personnel Junaid foiled it.  The lawsuit of attacks have been booked for in CTD last day.

On the other hand,  on second day after Mardan blast, city’s environment are in mourn today as petrol pumps, shops are closed whereas transport is lesser than usual beside his court affairs also being boycott by advocates in Mardan.