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US general praises Pakistan’s air-force pilots

An army officer, of the US air-force,Maj Gen Rick B. Mattson,  praising capabilities of Pakistani pilots, said that Pakistani pilots are collection of unique sets of skills.

The Maj Gen, who is, the chief of the US Office of the Defence Representative in Pakistan, said that this after joint exercise held in US.

He said that Pakistani pilots are the best collection of air capabilities and lot of things could be learnt from them.

The US army officer said that F-16 planes could be used in the best ways after equipped it with the best technology.

According to the US air force news service, Pakistani pilots performance during the drill was so much impressive and they played vital role to get attention in the exercises.

The air-force exercise was held in the US from August 15 to 26 and Pakistan air-force F-16 took part in flag march and did flying of 12,300 km.

Contingent of UAE ,Israeli air-force also took part in the exercise.