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Arms recovered from Azizabad handed over to Army

Karachi police has handed over arms and ammunition recovered from Azizabad yesterday to  army in strict security.

The huge  cache of arms and ammunitions which was recovered from a tank of a house from Azizabad yesterday have been transferred to Central Ordinance Depot (COD) in police trucks and mobiles in tight security.

The Karachi police on yesterday had recovered huge quantity of  arms and ammunitions in the city history which included anti air-craft guns, rocket launcher, smg, lmg, g-3 and thousands of bullets and hand grenades.

The arms and ammunition was recovered from the house number R-824 situated in Azizabad and it was belonged to a man named Naeem Ullah.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, Additional Inspector General (AIG) had declared London based persons, Raw and South Africa network responsible for purchase of the arms.

DIG west Zulfiqar Larak told Abbtakk News that police did not have any safe storage house to keep dangerous arms. Hence, Karachi police has handed over the arms to the army voluntarily and the arms will be brought back whenever court asked .