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Gold could be used for cancer treatment in near future : Arab researcher

Riyadh: Possibilities for use of Gold in  treating cancer were promising said Dr. Saeed Al-Jaroudi, as he  has been researching and testing gold compounds as a treatment for cancer in Saudi Arabia.

Jaroudi explained that the idea of using compounds of gold to fight cancer has been researched for the past 20 years, which he has continued and aimed to develop.

Regarding the  research he said they had experimented on cancer infected rats and the results so far were incredible, which has came after three years of research and experiments.

The Saudi researched further elaborated that he conducted laboratory experiments which are considered the first phase for approval to accept the compound as treatment. There are two other phases he explained which are animal testing and testing on human subjects. According to Jaroudi this may take from 10 to 15 years.

Talking about idea behind use of gold for cancer treatment is an attempt to find an alternative to the drug Cisplatin which has been in use for 40 years and which has many side effects.