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Death as well as birth anniversary of renown musician Feroz Nizami today

Today is the death as well as birth anniversary of Pakistani renown musician, Feroz Nizami.

Feroz Nizami was born in Lahore on  November 15, 1910.  He was belonged to one of artists family of Lahore. Nizami graduated from Islamia College Lahore and took music classes from Abdul Waheed Khan Keranvi as well and soon became teacher of music.

When All India Radio started from Lahore back in 1936, he joined as Producer and later he also posted to Dehli and Lakhnao. Later , he left the job and reached Mumbai.

Nizami became part of Mumbai film industry and the industry welcomed him. He proved his talent there in presence of Mumbai’s music stalwarts like Master Ghulam Hyder and Ustad Jhanday Khan.

As the musician his early movies included Wishwas, Badi Bat, Umang, Us par, Sharbati Ankhain,  Amar Raj, Naik Perveen, Patti Sewa and Rangeen Kahani.  Nizami got famous after his movie Jugno, it was produced by Shaukat Hussain Rizvi. Noor Jehan and Dalip Kumar had played lead roles in the movie but major part of success attributed to his music.

After establishment of Pakistan, he came back to Lahore where he worked as musicians in Shaukat Hussain Rizvi movie, Chanway and Sabtain Fazli”s film Dopatta.

Others film of the great musician were Hamari Basti, Shararay, Sohni, Intakhab, Raz, Qismat, Sola Anay, Zanjeer , Manzil, Saukan, Ghulam and Soghat.

Feroz Nizami not only remained stick to musician role but also taught music and wrote several books on music.  The books, he wrote included Israr-e-moseqi, Ramoz-e-Moseqi and Sarchashmaye Hayyat.

He also delivered lectures in Arts Council Lahore while he also kept on writing columns in newspapers on music frequently.

Nizami’s, who was also a teacher and his students included Saleem Hussain and Iqbal Hussain, who were musicians of many movies with name Saleem-Iqbal .

He has another big credit to his name, Muhammad Rafi, stalwart of music industry of Indo-Pakistan was introduced by him.

Nizami was younger brother of renown writer Siraj Nizami and elder brother of cricketer Nazar Muhammad.

He died on same day back in 1975 in age of 65. He was buried in Miani sb graveyard of Lahore.