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17th Ramzan: Remembering The ‘Battle of Badr’

WEB DESK: As the blessed month of Ramadan passes the midway mark, Millions of Muslims across the world will commemorate the 17th of Ramadan as a significant day on the Islamic calendar.

In the year 2AH, three hundred and thirteen Muslims led by Nabi Muhammad (SAW) lined-up against a thousand well-equipped disbelievers from Makkah in the battle of Badr.

The clash has been described as the day of Yawmul Furqan, the day where truth was distinguished from falsehood.

The Muslims won the battle with 14 Sahaba being martyred while 70 non-believers were killed, but had they lost, scholars say, the deen of Islam would have been extinguished forever.

Renowned Muslim Scholar Ml Ebrahim Bham says during the battle Allah sent down divine intervention to assist the Muslim army.

“Allah says in the Qur’an… ‘And remember the time when Allah reassured the believers that I am sending down three thousands Angels to help you. Subhan’Allah on this Mubarak day of 17th of Ramadan, may Allah always grant help and assistance to the believers.”

The whole incident of Badr was guidance and teaching from Allah and divine intervention. Today we remember those esteemed Sahaba (R.A.) who participated and sacrificed their lives for Islam.