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18 NGOs Ordered To Wrap Up Operations In Pakistan

Islamabad (October 07, 2018): The interior ministry has ordered 18 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to cease their operations in Pakistan.

According to the details, the government has given 60 days to the foreign NGOs for wrapping up their operations from the country. Of the total, nine have an association with the United States, three with the United Kingdom and two with Holland.Furthermore, connections with Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and Ireland have also been traced.

In addition, the ministry also imposed restrictions on 72 NGOs. Sources claim that the government allowed 141 NGOs to continue their functions in the country; out of which 66 are foreign-owned.

However, the government caught 72 NGOs from the total on inadequate documentation and granted them a deadline to complete their paperwork.A total of 68 NGOs have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Pakistani authorities and would now be eligible for audit under the country’s rules and regulations.

In May, former Sindh governor Mohammad Zubair said that NGOs working in the social sector in Pakistan are recognised globally and are supported by international donor agencies.

Earlier on January 26, the Chairman National Accountability Bureau had decided to investigate misappropriation in funds of Non-Governmental Organizations on Friday.

The decision made in NAB’s executive board’s meeting held with the chair of Justice retired Javed Iqbal and decided to take prompt action against NGOs dealing with International and national funds for social welfare and it also probe.NAB officials assured that the bureau will play its due role and ensure transparent use of aid coming into Pakistan. They underscored the need to check acts of corruption and the initiation of strict action against those who cheat the public for personal gains.

NAB has sought report from finance, interior and foreign ministries in this connection, however chairman NAB assured they will not create any obstacle in NGO’s routine work.

On the other hand, NAB has taken the notice of a plot gifted to a NGO by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) along with allotting plot to a private school. NAB has the stance that NGO has sold out the plot to private school illegally.

Earlier on September 06, 2016: More than three thousands Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)  run by the foreign aids had been closed by the Punjab government.

The department of social welfare Punjab had shut the NGOs run by foreign aids along with the deregistration of non-functional organizations.

More than 4500 registered NGOs were working in Punjab while 4215 out of them has been geo-tagged while other being geotagged through their audit. Department Social Welfare Punjab is doing geotagging with the cooperation of counter-terrorism department and PTIB.On June 15, 2015: Then Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali had made it clear that action against ‘Save the Children’ NGO had not been withdrawn, there was nothing in the record against NGO, adding that no NGO would be allowed to cross red lines.

During casual talks with journalists in Islamabad, Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar had said that NGOs had been operating without any rule and regulation, adding that several NGOs visas have been cancelled. He said that several NGOsd were not even registered, hence NGO will not be added in red list until the formation of policy. Chaudhary Nisar said that chaired by Tariq Fatemi, the committee will develop a policy in two to three days and any decision is likely in three days regarding NGOs.

Chaudhary Nisar Ali said that ‘Save the Children’ NGO office is still sealed, hence the situation will be clear in next few days. Interior Minister told that NGOs have been divided into different categories. Chaudhary Nisar Ali said that no decision will be made against national interest, and there would be no compromise on national interest. Responding to a question Chaudhary Nisar said that there is no house used by the foreign intelligence agency, we have knowledge of every single house.

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