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Obama orders probe into Russian cyber attack during US presidential election

Washington: US President Barack Obama ordered an investigation into a series of cyber-attacks, blamed on Russia, during the US election season while white house spokesman said that elections till 2008 will be reviewed.
According to the US TV the white house spokesman in the briefing held at white house said that Intelligence agency had given report of Russian cyber activities. Over the report the US President ordered review of the US elections till 2008 while Barack Obama also directed agencies to look into the Russian hacking procedure and submit report to him.
The white house spokesman said that Barack Obama tenure will end on January 2017 and the report will be submitted before that time.
White House spokesman Eric Schultz said President Obama wanted the investigation carried out on his watch “because he takes it very seriously”.

“We are committed to ensuring the integrity of our elections,” he added.

It is not clear if the contents of the review will be made public.

Trump has continually denied a Russian role in the hacking, despite the overwhelming consensus from private sector cyber security firms that investigated the hacks and from the various US government intelligence agencies.