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Senate approves Panama Papers Inquiries bill 2016

Islamabad: Senate has approved opposition’s the Panama Papers inquiry bill 2016 with majority while 37 members voted in favor of the bill and 15  opposed the bill.

The senate session was held in chair of chairman senate Raza Rabbani, during the session opposition members presented the Panama Papers inquiry bill 2016.

Over submission of the bill in the senate, the leader of the house Raja Zafar Ul Haq said while opposing the bill that the opposition members had ensured in the committee that it will be further discussed while he said that it will be better that the bill be sent to select committee.

Senator Aitazaz Ahsan said that “i did not do such thing that i had to say that it was political statement.”He said that Prime Minister   did not fulfill his commitment adding that the bill has been arrived after passing through committee and now the bill is the property of the senate.

On the other hand, Senator Mushahid Ullah said that “we did not commit dishonesty,  the people who provided lists of Sikhs to India committed dishonesty.” After the comments ruckus erupted in the Senate.

The opposition also presented resolution to form committee of the senate on national security .

Discussing the resolution Jamat Islami Chief Siraj Ul Haq said that economic terrorism is the major issue in the country while our foreign policy are under the interests of others.