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1st Int’l Conference on Suturing to Be Held in Karachi

Karachi (December 05, 2018): First International Two-day Conference on suturing organized by Pakistan Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery will be held in Karachi from December 5 and foreign doctors will also attend the workshop.  

The process of  “Liver Surgeries through state of the art 3D and 4K Camera System” will come under discussion as doctors from France and Brazil have been reached in Pakistan to deliver the lecture on the issue

The well known French doctor Arnad Waltz commenting over the issue said that he found the first opportunity in Pakistan to teach the suturing process in details as it was a vital process in surgery particularly for those who pass through laparoscopic surgery to get rid off from obesity.“In this process, the tissues of the one part of the will be attached with other tissues with accuracy and any deficiency in the process could lead to worse paint to the patient,” he said.

According to conference management not only doctor Waltz but other experts and laparoscopic surgery experts doctor Armando Romeo will also participate in the moot.

Doctor Armando explaining the process said that in the laparoscopic surgery the process has done with the help of 30 cm long surgical instruments and the camera installed on the top of the instrument helped to watch the process.“The process of laparoscopic surgery is very sensitive and vital and the body parts join correct way in their old shape,” he explained the procedure.

The PSFAB President Dr Mumtaz Mehr said that the conference will take place from December 05.

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