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Lahore: Shrines registration process starts in Punjab

Religious affairs ministry has started registration of shrines in Punjab while suggestion is also under consideration to give punishment of 5 to 7 years prison to fake shrine custodians and peers.

Besides shrines registration, the ministry also started to enacting recommendation for legislations for shrine custodians, fake peers and men working at the shrines.

In this connection the ministry also decided to collect details of shrine custodians and workers working at the shrines and their income sources.

Few days ago, Religious affairs minister Syed Zaeem Qadri has instructed to prepare recommendations while all major shrine custodians were also asked to submit their recommendations as well.

Sources said that initially a suggestion has surfaced to punish fake peers for 5 to 7 years of prison and a  half million rupees  penalty.

These recommendations will be submit to Chief Minister Punjab in next few days and later legislation will be started.