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World Migratory Bird Day is being marked Today

Islamabad (May 13, 2017): World Migratory Bird Day would be marked on May 13 (Today) across the globe including Pakistan with awareness-raising campaign aiming to inspire the worldwide conservation of both migratory birds and their environments.

As hundreds of thousands birds have turned their direction towards Sindh’s coastal areas; Thatta, Jati and Shah Bandar zero point, Kolab Keenjhar lake, Haleji and Keti Bandar  from Siberian and Russian areas in winter season.

With the 2017 theme ‘Their Future is our Future,’ WMBD will highlight on the topic of “Sustainable Development for Wildlife and People.

‘WMBD 2017’ will focus on the interdependence of people and nature, and more especially people and migratory animals – in particular birds, as they share the same planet and thus the same limited resources.

World Migratory Bird Day is a two-day event annually held on the second weekend of May to highlight the need to protect migratory birds and their habitats.

The United Nations is one of the many organizations that support this global awareness campaign.

On the second weekend each May, people around the world celebrate World Migratory Bird Day by organizing public events such as bird festivals, education programs and bird-watching excursions.

Although the event is usually on the second weekend of May, the first World Migratory Bird Day was launched on the weekend of April 8 and 9, 2006. The event was created to help turn the world’s attention to the wonders of bird migration and the need for their conservation.

Each year, the total number of registered World Migratory Bird Day events has steadily increased along with the number of countries in which these events occurred.

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