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Murad Shah criticizes Mustafa Kamal, says ‘He is Altaf Part Two’

Karachi (May 16, 2017): Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah has said that Mustafa Kamal is Altaf Hussain Part Two. He said that few people are unhappy with development being done in the Metropolitan by present PPP Government.

Speaking at a press conference, Shah said that minimum force was used to disperse protesting masses and no one was hurt in its wake. He accused PSP of using women and children as human shields to break the law.

The Chief Minister also warned Mustafa Kamal against using harsh language on TV screens.

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Talking about the law and order situation in the city, Shah said that it has improved a lot and things are coming in good shape now but few elements do not want progress.

Talking about the China visit, he said that CPEC and economic cooperation with China is need of time and must be progressed without any hurdle.

Replying to a question about circular railway, Murad Ali Shah said that Sindh Govt is working on it and by Septemeber this year, ground breaking ceremony of the project will be held.

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