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Here is startling reason for not to leave your teabag in the cup

London(May 20, 2017):  If you have habit to leave a teabag in the mug while dirking tea, so you would have to change this habit, because doing this,  tea’s  pleasure and effectiveness both are harmful.

With this debate in mind – the ‘can’t I just leave the teabag in the mug’ debate – we decided to explain exactly why leaving your teabag in the mug is a bad idea. To be clear, we’re talking about black tea for now, served with milk and sugar, not white, green, or fruit tea.

While tea expert Ed Eisler, from JING, does say that there’s no wrong way to make tea as long as you enjoy it, he went on to tell  that there are a few reasons why leaving a teabag in the mug isn’t the optimal way to enjoy tea.

For one thing, teabags, particularly the cheap ones in your office kitchen, tend to be pretty rubbish quality to begin with. The tea in bags is ground up and doesn’t have room to spread out and flourish in hot water. A lot of the good bits get ground away, leaving you with a lower grade tea dust.

But if you do insist on using teabags (which we get – they’re cheap and easy), you shouldn’t leave them in the mug if you want your cup of tea to taste as good as it possibly can. Typically, people who leave teabags in their mugs are trying to get a stronger cuppa, but, as Ed explains, this technique actually prevents you from making a rich, flavourful cup of tea.

If you put the teabag in the water than add milk on top, the cold milk will lower the temperature of the tea, meaning it won’t brew to its full potential.

That results in a cup of tea that’s missing out on the rich, complex flavours of your chosen tea, which is a very sad thing.

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