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A Threat that Scares the Country

By: Ahmed Mukhtar

Remarks of Nehal hashmi; Political Sanity Was In Question, Political sanity has prevailed. Accountability of politicians was questioned. Factors responsible for accountability were questioned, faced satire, political wrath and so on and so forth. The chief executive of the government, the prime minister, known for his calmness in political counter-remarks, was under question for his financial portfolio. His family was also under probe for last one and half year from the time of Panama Leaks were out.

After the start of Panama Leaks saga, Prime Minister showed calm reflexes and opted for constructive works, he had done in last few years, when he was in-charge of the country’s state of affairs. His development plans got an applaud from many quarters, even those of his opponents.

He kept his head down and daily inaugurated one or another plant of project. Politics is a game of nerves. You gain and regain nerves after facing one or another quagmire and you keep yourself calm.

Many younger lots of PML-N had been at the limits of their nerves. Many exude their anger on social media. But leaders showed retrained. Until yesterday, when Senator Nehal Hashmi spoke suddenly and showed angrily that as if his or his leaders basic rights are infringed. His bitter remarks to avenge the accountability agents were sudden and surprise outbreak of anger. Political sanity has prevailed. Prime Minister responded quickly within hours, so as the Chief Justice of Pakistan. PM suspended his basic membership and Chief Justice asked him to face justice.

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Nehal Hashmi had spoken harshly second time in a years time, last time on replacement of last governor Sindh. He was considered naive by Prime Minister and went unnoticed than facing any harsh action. This time he put the repute of entire party intro question forcing others to detach from his thoughts.

Panama Leaks is a key cause of concerns for the ruling party. Its handling is also not that easy. But mishandling is never a cost a ruling party can pay. On the other hand, a ray of questions were raised about the relatives of the JIT, which Supreme Court had rejected leaving no room for further censure. Unless, one can come up with a tangible proof of misconduct by the JIT members, which is hardly any.

Showing threats to avenge was meant to derail the process of accountability, about that Premier had to clarify once, in regard to his development projects. His point that accountability might hinder development, if it is overemphasized, was taken wrongly and then he quickly clarified. On a running accountability case, such remarks rather kill repute.

Politics is always based on repute. Institution of accountability, is established on the shoulders of strong backing. Always such process face many similar threats, either actual or fake. But, strong accountability process reduces corruption and enhances strength of the system. States live on the oxygen of better systems, that is always desirable from strengthening of the institutions. The country was made for strong systems and not to fear from any threats.

Ahmed Mukhtar is Senior Journalist and Currently working as Bureau Chief, Abb Takk- Islamabad