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Restoring Peace in ME, Quick Diplomacy Can Remove Doubts

By: Ahmed Mukhtar Naqshbandi

Pakistan’s diplomacy matters. This time its Middle East. Two Muslims brother states were put to fight by distorting the facts. Iran contacted many nations and clarified its point of view. Among these states there were many who are from Middle East. Most of the nations understood Iranian point and assured it for diplomatic support. Among them were Turkey, Qatar and various other nations.In a diplomatic discourse, many nations had suggested that Islamic Ummah’s military force should not be directed against any specific country and only against terrorist organizations or entities. It also suggested that it should be with larger focus and should exude the sense of unity of Ummah than its division. Most of the leadership agreed with the idea and said it would add the value of the force.

At the same time, hackers with dangerous agenda including some of the Indians, hacked Qatari website and placed a strict worded press release widening the division between Iran and Saudi Arabia. This fake press release favored a pro-Iranian and anti-Saudi agenda. Thus reinforcing the Saudi retaliation and these all were shared with Saudi government within no time. It aggravated Saudi stance, which went on air globally. In aftermaths, Qatari airplanes and others were blocked from using Saudi soil.

Though Qatari government issued a statement showing that their website was hacked and any statement shown there is fake. They also issued a press release clarifying the the actual picture. Many nations jumped to rally support for the establishment of peace in Middle East. Numerous ideas and points were shared and efforts were made with numerous governments in Middle East and worldwide. Sooner these point of views were made available with the governments of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar & UAE. UAE was already active in this regard. Turkey also jumped in with a harsher stance to defend Qatar, which was never needed.Ultimately, Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif with his favored Army Chief Qamar Bajwa also quickly flew to see Saudi King after finishing important job at SCO Head of State Meeting at Astana, Kazakhstan. At SCO meeting, Muslim nations, China & Russians supported Pakistan’s stance to reduce tension at Middle East and kill Indian and American efforts to create a rift among Muslims states of Middle East. The same had happened in the past, when Chinese President himself traveled to Iran and Saudi Arabia and help establish peace. He discussed future trade options thus reducing differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

In the peace efforts, when future growing trade option were shared with Saudi Arabia, their anger went in air within no time. Now the restoration of peace in Middle East through sensible designs are within reach. Pakistan who claims to have closer relations with Qatari prince and Saudi Kingdom, quickly joined UAE in these efforts of Middle East peace process.

In these circumstances, one must not forget the endless efforts Muslim countries did, for last many decades to raise their own real fighting force equipped with modern weaponry and unmatched skills. An army who is capable to face Israeli forces and not should be on the run like Iraqi forces as enemy arrives. This dream is closer now to reality. The nearby bigger armies are feeling threatened, India is one of them. Raising skills and weapons is by no means is not an easy task but it would bring a visible difference in the security of Muslim nations. Population of Muslims globally is over 1.6 bln, which is quite underestimated because India and China both under report their Muslims’ population figure. This should be by no means close to 2 bln in actual terms. Even with 1.6 bln, with such a big population and with hardly any real, big, fighting force, and divided Ummah makes it worthless in security terms. This merits a good army trained with iron fist. Saudi Arabia is now spear heading for a force and the opposite forces within and outside are trying to kill these efforts to raise a better army or weaken it at its start. Building it would matter in future. Avoiding it would weaken the Muslims in future.

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