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26 Parents Jailed For Letting Minors Drive In India

Hyderabad, India(April 27, 2018): While 273 cases of ‘minors behind the wheel’ have been registered by Hyderabad traffic cops between March and April 23, in 2018, 26 parents have also been imprisoned for the offense in March and April—show latest figures. TOI reported.

While 20 parents were jailed for letting minors drive in the month of March, 6 parents were jailed till April 23 of this month. In addition to parents being jailed, in one case, a minor was also sent to jail in the month of February, as per the court’s decision. According to city traffic cops, the crackdown came on the heels of a number of accidents involving underage drivers, is set to continue.

In the month of February 2018 alone, in a massive crackdown carried out by the Hyderabad city traffic police department, more than 1079 cases of minors even as young as 13 or 14 driving motor vehicles were booked. 60 parents were also jailed for the offense.

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