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Woman Gulps Down 21-Burgers in 10Min in Burger Competition

Washington(July 5, 2017): A Sacramento, Calif., woman isn’t top dog when it comes to eating. She’s the burger queen. Molly Schuyler ate 21 hamburgers in 10 minutes in Z-Burger’s eight annual Independence Burger Eating Championship in Washington D.C.

One day before the the famous hot dog-eating contest in New York, Schuyler was chowing down burgers with 13 competitors that includes men and women.

Schuyler has won the title three years in a row, including a record 28 burgers last year. The top-ranked competitive eater in the world also ate 429 wings in 30 minutes last year.

“She plans to use her $4,000 prize to help feed her kids, whom she won’t train to become competitive eaters”, Schuyler told.

In the contest, there is a 2-minute period where competitors are disqualified if they throw up. No one did that.

Schuyler asked for a double chocolate milkshake only a few minutes after eating the 21 burgers.

Z-Burger, which has four locations in the Washington area, is “one of the most highly acclaimed and well-known eateries in the nation,” according to its website. Customers have included former President Bill Clinton.

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