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Majority of Sindh Compelled to Use Contaminated Water: Report

Web Desk (July  15, 2017):Majority of Sindh Province is compelled to use contaminated water for drinking purpose. A recent report has revealed that 90 per cent of drinking water samples collected from Karachi are unfit for human consumption and a significant portion is tainted with human waste.

Human waste was found in 33pc of water samples collected from Karachi, added the report.

Similarly, water samples collected from other cities and towns of Sindh were also found to be mostly unfit for human consumption.Image result for contamination of water in SIndh
Human waste was found in 75pc of samples from Thatta, 60pc samples from Larkana, 42pc of samples from Hyderabad and 36pc samples obtained from Jamshoro.

Other towns in Sindh were effected in a similar manner, further said the report. Water samples collected from hospitals across the province were also hazardous for human consumption.

The report said water samples from 71 hospitals in 14 districts of Sindh were tested, with 88pc of water samples found to be dangerous for consumption.Image result for contamination of water in SIndh
The least contaminated water in the province was found in Tharparkar.

In February, Judicial commission under the chair of Justice Iqbal Kalhuro had also submitted a report to supreme court over the drinking water and sewerage system in Sindh, which had revealed that the drinking water on WHO standard was not providing in any area of Karachi and the sewerage system has been almost collapsed.

It also said that there are 414 points on Indus river, where sewerage water drained into it without treatment. It is also mentioned in the report that there was large corruption witnessed in installation of RO plants.

Image result for contamination of water in SIndh

The commission was set up in the chair of justice Iqbal Kalhuro on apex court’s orders over the reviewing of drinking water supply and sewerage system on which commission has visited different areas of Karachi for one week and than visited other districts of Sindh for two weeks.

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