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Chichawatni: Panchayat Punishes Rapist’s Sister

Chichwatni (July 31, 2017): A local village council (Panchayat) ordered a suspected rapist’s sister to marry the rape survivor’s husband as punishment in Punjab’s Chichawatni, it emerged on Monday.

The 14-year-old was married to the rape survivor’s husband upon the Panchayat’s orders.

According to police, Rafique Ahmad had been accused of raping a married woman.

Following which, the other party’s members came to Rafique’s residence and took his 14-year-old sister on gunpoint.The girl was then forced to marry the rape survivor’s husband by force at a local landlord’s dera (side house).

Police registered a case against 10 suspects, including the head of the Panchayat.

Five of the suspects were arrested, whereas, five others took bail from a local court.

Last week, a horrific incident took place in Multan when members of a panchayat (local council) ordered the rape of a 16-year-old girl as punishment for a rape allegedly committed by her brother.

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