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28 Indian Fishermen Arrested over Violation of Territory

Karachi (December 22, 2017): Maritime Security Agency took five Indian fishing vessels and arrested 28 Indian fishermen found fishing in territorial water of the country.

According to MSA’s spokesperson the after investigations the arrested Indian fishermen were handed over to Docks police for further legal action.


The violations of territorial sea limits and arrests resulting from it have become somewhat a routine with India also arresting Pakistani fishermen every now and then.Earlier this month, 43 Indian fishermen were arrested and their fishing vessels seized for entering Pakistan’s territorial waters.

Aircrafts and speedboats were used in the operation, which was conducted near Pakistan’s maritime border in the Arabian Sea.

Indian and Pakistani forces regularly detain each other’s fishing vessels and crews for alleged illegal fishing within the other side’s territorial waters. However, there has been a sharp increase in the number of operations and, consequently, arrests and vessel seizures with the start of the fishing season this year.

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