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Court Declares Guru Gurmeet Culprit In Rape Case

New Delhi(August 25, 2017): Religious leader of Sikh, Guru Gurmeet was declared convict in allegation of rape with two women by Panchkula court.  The Court will  pronounce the punishment on August 28.

However, protest has begun in the city after court verdict as hundreds of followers came on Panchkula street The  Curfew has been imposed in city whereas internet service has also been suspended for three days.

Train service has also suspended in major cities of Indian Punjab, whereas all educational institution would remain closed till August 28.

In addition, the holiday has announced for all government, semi-government, private offices and banks employees.

Beside this, 85 companies of Central Police Reserve force have been deployed in Punjab city.  While a contingent of troops also be sent in sensitive areas in the wake  of current situation.

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