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33 inmates killed as prison gang war escalates in Brazil

BRASILIA: At least 33 inmates have been killed in northern Roraima State, just days after prison clashes between rival gangs killed 56 prisoners.

Brazil Secretary of Justice and Citizenship Uziel de Castro said that the killings were committed by inmates affiliated with drug traffickers gangs. Several bodies were found beheaded in the jail. The riot started around 2:30 AM on Friday at the overcrowded Monte Cristo Agricultural Penitentiary in Boa Vista. Roraima’s larget prison holds between 1,200 to 1,700 prisoners.

The inmates broke padlocks in their cells and escaped, slaughtering other prisoners, reportedly members of a rival drug gang. Castro said the prisoners also attempted to escape but the security forces foiled the attempt.

He said 87 out of 100 prisoners were again taken into custody. These prisoners had been escaped few days earlier from a jail. He said that security forces carried on operations to arrest rest of all the prisoners.