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Murad Criticizes NAB Role in Sharjeel Arrest Case

Karachi (November 1, 2017): Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday said the Pakistan People’s Party and Sharjeel Memon fully trust the courts but have reservations over National Accountability Bureau’s “double standards”.

“We do trust courts, courts are sacred and we appeare before them, we have no objection to court’s decision but we object to NAB’s double standards,” he said in his speech in the Sindh Assembly where Sharjeel Memon was also present.

He said Sharjeel Memon said Sharjeel Memon was arrested from court premises, which was humiliation Sindh High Court.

The chief minister said NAB’s order showed that Memon was arrested from Shahra-e-Iraq or some other place which was a lie. “I do request court to take action against liars”.

“NAB is not a court, it is an institution and Sindh Asssembly’s resolution is not against any court orders rather it is against NAB,” said he.He said nowehere in the resolution it is said that case against Sharjeel Memon be quashed.

“NAB can lodge cases against me, if it desires so, we are not afraid of cases. We are not the ones who won’t appear before court for two years and then apologize,” he said.

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