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Villagers Rescue 200-kg Catfish Stranded in Swamps

Web Desk(December 15, 2017):  A group of villagers banded together to rescue a massive 450-pound catfish that became stranded in a swamp after flooding in the area.

A resident of the village filmed Monday as dozens of villagers ventured into the shallow swamp waters to wrap the gargantuan Mekong catfish, a critically endangered species, in a large net.It shows the rescuers hoist the monster fish out of the water and transport it in a motorcycle sidecar to a more suitable aquatic habitat. The fish being successfully released into the water. Resident Khun said he discovered the catfish, but was unable to get a party of helpers together until two days later.He said the fish likely became stranded as a result of flooding in the area that began in late November. He said the rescue operation lasted for about six hours.

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