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Sudan, UAE Conclude Joint Military Drill

Khartoum(December 15, 2017): A week-long Joint military drills by Sudanese and the United Arab Emirates armies in eastern Sudan have concluded.

Sudan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) armies  concluded a joint military exercise in eastern Sudan.

The one-week drill, dubbed “Coasts Heroes 1,” included training projects in coasts security, implementation of training systems and combat theories, training of modern and sophisticated weapons as well as tactic manoeuvres.

Air force, naval force and artillery as well as ground infantry soldiers from both countries took part in the joint exercise.Head of Sudanese Army’s Joint Operations Command, Lieutenant-General Saad Mohamed al-Amin, reiterated the importance of the joint exercise as it helps the two armies to achieve combat readiness.

Head of Operations Command of UAE Army, Lieutenant-General Aqab Shaheen al-Ali, for his part, praised the efforts by the commands of the two armies which resulted in the success of the joint exercise.The joint military drill aimed at raising the combat capability and readiness to face regional challenges and increasing the coordination between the Sudanese and UAE armed forces.

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