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SC is Not Under Any Pressure Says CJ

Lahore (December 16, 2017) Chief Justice of Pakistan  Mian Saqib Nisar has expressed anger on people criticising the judiciary for issuing verdicts that they deemed unfavourable.

Speaking at a ceremony in Lahore, the chief justice  said all the judges of the apex court are working independently and every judge has the right to express his opinion.

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The  CJ  dispelled the notion that the Supreme Court was under pressure and was taking dictation, saying “we make all the decisions in accordance with law”.

Justice Saqib Nisar said, he was not aware the judgment in Hudaibiya Papers Mills case was due to be announced the same day court was scheduled to  give its decision on disqualification case of Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen.

He categorically said “Institution of Judiciary is your elder ,  you should not  doubt its integrity. This elder  neither  has become part on any plan nor will  it  become so .”

“Judges make decision with complete honesty and integrity,” he said adding that the court should not be subjected to abuse and criticism over  its  judgments.

Referring to the “analysis on TV channels in the evenings”, he said that the perception that there was some kind of division within the Supreme Court was false.

The CJ acknowledged the delay in the judicial process, saying some “not very competent judges” are responsible for the delay, multiplication of litigation and expensive litigation in cases. An efficient training programme is necessary for judges, he said.

Regarding democracy he assured  that the judiciary has vowed to protect the Constitution and would continue to uphold democracy.

He said, the judiciary and lawyers will have to make joint efforts to provide cheap justice to the common man.