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Rao Fails to Appear Before IGP Sindh, Human Rights Comm.

Karachi (January 22, 2018): Rao Anwar, the former Malir SSP  failed to appear before Sindh Inspector General of Police A.D. Khowaja and the National Commission for Human Rights on Monday, while Mehsud’s family is expected to arrive in Karachi later today to appear before the inquiry committee.

A day earlier, a notification was issued by SP Investigation East Abid Qaimkhani summoning the beleaguered Anwar to appear before the IG and the Commission at 10:30am today.

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High-ranking police officials had arrived at the Central Police Office and waited for Anwar and four other officials who had been summoned. However, as the time given passed without any sign of Anwar or the other four, IGP Khowaja and the police officials left the office.

Earlier on Saturday, Senior Superintendent of Police Rao Anwar refused to appear before the inquiry committee.

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An inquiry team, headed by Counter Terrorism Department Additional IG Sanaullah Abbasi, was formed to probe the incident. The committee ordered the suspension of Anwar and other officials involved in the incident as well as placement of Anwar’s name on the Exit Control List.Image result for rao anwarDeputy Inspector General (DIG) Sultan Khawaja said that Anwar appeared before the probe body, formed on the orders of the inspector general (IG), on the first day for 15 minutes.

Anwar claimed that Naqeebullah was wanted for an FIR registered in 2014 and was an affiliate of Qari Ahsaan, an inmate at Karachi central prison, he said.

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The DIG said that the committee also visited the site of the suspected police encounter, adding that they continuously tried to contact Anwar, but could not succeed.

The committee met on the second day and this evening as well, Khawaja said. “Rao Anwar is neither picking up phone calls, nor is he appearing before the probe body, which is why a written notice had to be sent to him.”He said that SP Investigation Abid Qaimkhani has been tasked to present Anwar, adding that tomorrow is a meeting summoned by the IG, wherein Anwar has to appear along with his team.

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Khawaja said the probe body will again meet at the office of the DIG East at 11pm and refute Anwar’s claims of not being summoned by the committee.

“Anwar has asked all the officer to switch off their phones and run away,” he said, adding that it will be proven before the media whether or not Anwar appears.Image result for naqeebullah social mediaThe DIG further said that they had a conversation with Naqeebullah cousin on Sunday (today) as well and the police team will safely transport Naqeebullah’s family to Karachi.

Anwar, referred to as the ‘encounter specialist’ by some, came under fire earlier this month after Mehsud, a 27-year-old hailing from South Waziristan, was killed in an ‘encounter’ with a police team being headed by Anwar in Karachi’s Shah Latif Town area. Police had claimed Mehsud was affiliated with the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan — a claim vehemently denied by the deceased’s family and relatives.The killing had triggered widespread uproar on social media after people close to Mehsud said that the 27-year-old was a shop owner interested in modelling and had no links with any militant organisation. They alleged he had been picked up from his clothing shop in Sohrab Goth earlier in January.

Mehsud’s family is expected to arrive in Karachi later today to appear before the inquiry committee. On Sunday, the team had said that an FIR would be registered against whosoever is nominated by the victim’s family upon their arrival in the city.

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