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Sharif Brothers Double Standards Not Acceptable: Kaira

Lahore (February 04, 2018): Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Qamar Zaman Kaira has called out Sharif brothers’ double standards by terming their policy unacceptable.

Addressing party workers at Lahore’s Badami Bagh, Qamar Zaman Kaira said that while the elder Sharif is on a judiciary-bashing spree, terming the institution highly biased against them, the younger Sharif holds the judiciary quite contrary to what his elder brother believes. He condemned this dichotomy saying that the PML-N only wants decisions in its favor.

Qamar Zaman Kaira announced answering the question troubling Nawaz Sharif as to why he was ousted.

He said that political opponents Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif have ridiculed state institutions.Kaira said that Nawaz had earlier said that he will accept the verdict of the Supreme Court but later criticised it.

“Sharif brothers have ridiculed the institutions of the state,” he said, adding that Nawaz should be prepared to go to Adiala Jail [Rawalpindi].

“The Sharif brothers used to level corruption allegations against PPP, now the courts have declared the entire family as thieves,” he remarked.

The PPP leader claimed that the party leaders were held accountable before the courts during the tenure of former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf.He also warned Nawaz that the true ‘heirs’ of Lahore have arrived. “Mian Sahab [Nawaz Sharif], the heirs of Lahore are here,” he said, adding that the party will hold a rally at Mochi Gate tomorrow (Monday) in light of the Kashmir Day.

Kaira remarked that Kashmiris also made many sacrifices for the independence of Pakistan.

“The People of Pakistan are standing with Kashmiris,” he added. “Both India and United States have launched an attack on Pakistan.”

PPP is set to hold its political power show in interior Lahore tomorrow.

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