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Iraqi Forces Whipped Daesh Terrorist In Major Operation

Baghdad (February 07, 2018): The Iraqi military forces have claimed to get success in an operation against Daesh militant hide-outs in Tuz Khurmatu on Wednesday.

Iraq’s Security Information Centre has said that the (US-backed) army, rapid intervention and paramilitary forces, in coordination with Kurdish fighters and with Iraqi and coalition air cover, launched the operation east of Tuz Khurmatu “to chase away IS remnants,”.“Air strikes targeted the Hamrin mountain range, destroying 50 targets, including two fortified hideouts, 20 terrorist caches, weapons warehouses, ammunition as well as communication networks, mortar positions and 24 tunnels,” it added.

Iraqi forces took control of 80 square kilometres, three oil wells and two gas fields, according to the rapid intervention forces. They also retook five villages and stormed a Daesh camp.Iraq declared victory against Daesh in December, more than three years after the terrorist group seized a third of its territory and swathes of neighbouring Syria, declaring a “caliphate” ruling over millions of people.

The terrorists are still active, however, and there have been several attacks against government forces in the Khurmatu region. (Int. News Agencies)

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