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No Bank Accounts, Property Abroad: Imran Khan

Karachi (February 08, 2018): Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that his life and death was with Pakistan and has no property or bank accounts abroad.

“I have earn 20 years abroad but brought all money to Pakistan,” he said while addressing an event in Karachi.

The PTI Chairman said that it took him one year to inform the judiciary that he had brought back his all money to Pakistan.

He said that those who buy property abroad took their money there from the country. He said that he could choose the same path but didn’t do it.

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Khan admitted that they could not give proper attention to KPK province and was busy in his struggle  initially for fair and free elections and later for panama papers.

He said that unemployment is the biggest problem of Pakistan and the country’s exports had gone down to less than $25 billions.

The PTI Chairman said that taking foreign loans would affect the sovereignty of the country. “Pakistan fought the United States war because the country’s leadership had an intent to get some financial assistance through participating in this war,” he said.

He said that foreign loans also affect the foreign policy of he country.

Talking about Iran Gas Pipeline PTI Chief said that it was also affected due to the loans,” he said.

Khan said that there is no proper taxation in the country and equal taxation on all is increasing poverty in the country. He said that the electricity producing industry was affected due to the excess taxation.

Praising KP Police once again, Imran said that it has lowered the crime rate and militant activities during last four years and it all happened due to elimination of political interference from police.

Khan concluded that the country could not progress unless the institutions are not strengthened.

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