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Maldives: Delegation Sent To Pakistan, China, Saudia For Help

Male (February 09, 2018): The President of Maldives, Abdulla Yameen seeks help in current state crises of them, from the friendly nations wherein Pakistan, China and Saudi Arabia are included on Wednesday.

The embattled Yameen has sent the delegations to China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to brief them on a political crisis in the Indian Ocean nation that spurred the imposition of a state of emergency, his office said.Yameen sent his economic development minister, Mohamed Saeed, to China, the foreign minister, Mohamed Asim, to Pakistan and farming and fisheries minister Mohamed Shainee to Saudi Arabia, according to a posting on his website late on Wednesday.

The President left out key regional power India, which had joined Britain, the United States and the United Nations in calling for the lifting of the emergency and the freeing of two supreme court judges whose ruling against Yameen sparked new instability.

The Maldives, best known for luxury tourist resorts, has become another arena of the contest for India and China after it signed up to Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative to build trade and transport links across Asia and beyond.The country has been in crisis since last week, when the Supreme Court quashed convictions ranging from corruption to terrorism of nine opposition figures, including former President Mohamed Nasheed, its first democratically elected leader.

India sent soldiers to foil a coup against the government in 1988 but has since refrained from getting directly involved in the country’s unstable politics.Experts say it is more likely to put diplomatic, and even economic, pressure on the Yameen government than send its military.

China has warned against outside powers meddling in the affairs of the tiny archipelago and on Thursday rejected Nasheed’s criticism of its economic involvement.


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