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40-year Long War Can’t Be Ended In One Meeting: Zalmy

ISLAMABAD: The US special envoy on Afghanistan reconciliation Zalmy Khalilzad admitted on Thursday that the war which had been fighting for 40 years could not be ended in one or two meetings as there was long distance to cover to reach an agreement with Taliban.

In his statement on micro-blogging website Twitter, US special envoy said that the way moving towards peace was not straight and easy as each and every issue could not be discussed in general public.

“We have made progress in two main issues- anti-terrorism and withdrawal of US forces- however, it does not mean issues have been solved as both parties even yet not completed talks over the issues,” he said adding that so many issues like ceasefire and talks between Afghan government and Taliban still inconclusive.

“That doesn’t mean we’re done. We’re not even finished with these issues yet, and there is still work to be done on other vital issues like intra-Afghan dialogue and a complete ceasefire.”

Sceptics have “rushed to judgement”, he said, but added that “you can’t eat an elephant in one bite!”

“And a forty-year-old war won’t be resolved in one meeting, even if that meeting runs for close to a week.”

He reminded that there was a moment to heal the wounds of the Afghans as several players involved in the issues, however, the talks were going in a true direction and hope positive and good results.