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Smart President Without Smart Phone

Moscow (February 15, 2018): President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that he still does not have a smartphone, after revealing last year that he has no interest in joining any social media networks.

At a meeting with scientists and academics, Putin made the admission in response to a speech by Mikhail Kovalchuk, head of the Kurchatov nuclear research institute, while traveling in Siberia ahead of March 18 polls in which he is seeking a fourth term in the Kremlin.“You said that everyone has smartphones. But I don´t have a smartphone,” Putin said, to laughter in the audience. He responded to a comment from Kovalchuk that “everyone has a smartphone in their pocket.”

Last year while meeting schoolchildren, Putin told them he barely uses the internet, after being asked if he looked at Instagram or other social networks in his spare moments.

Putin contrasts with 52-year-old Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is often seen with an iPhone and other gadgets and puts up his own snapshots on his official Instagram page.

In past years, Putin has claimed that the internet is a “special project of the CIA” and “half pornography”.

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