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Successful Conduct of PN-RSNF Joint Naval Exercises

Karachi (February 17, 2018): Exercise Naseem Al Bahr XI (NAB), between Pakistan Navy and Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) concluded in Saudi Arabian waters off Al Jubail, KSA. The Exercise was scheduled from 09  to 17 Feb 18.

The exercise NAB comprised of practical demonstrations of Fast Boat Attacks, various formations, maneuvering drills, defence against asymmetric attacks using fast boats, Helicopter landings,  Boarding Operations, Anti Piracy and joint response to conventional threats at sea. Live Weapon Firing was also conducted in which PN and RSNF ships successfully engaged their respective targets. PN P3C & helicopters conducted joint operations with Saudi Air Force & RSNF Air Arm elements.  Mine Counter Measure Exercise (MCM) was also conducted for the first time as part of exercise NAB. During the sea phase of MCM Exercise, Survey and Diving Operations and under water demolition of targets were also conducted.

This year, Exercise Deraa Al Sahil was also a part of Naseem Al Bahr XI in which Pak Marines and RSNF Marines exercised Amphibious Landing Operations, Escorting Operations, Beach Landing, Sniper Camouflage Training and Boarding Operations. In addition, Small Arms Firing, Cover and Maneuver drills and Para Drop Operations by RSNF Marines were also undertaken.

PN-RSNF Joint Naval Exercises were followed by a closing ceremony, held at King Abdul Aziz Naval Base Al Jubail. Chief of Staff (Personnel), Vice Admiral Abdul Aleem of Pakistan Navy was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

While addressing the debrief/ closing ceremony, Chief Guest said that the first ever conduct of  Naseem Al Bahr XI including Mine Counter Measure (MCM) and Deraa Al Sahil exercises in Saudi Arabian waters at mega scale is a manifestation of high level of mutual faith, trust and confidence. Regular conduct of Exercise Naseem al Bahr between PN and RSNF since 1993 is testimony to the ever increasing cooperation between two brotherly countries in general and navies of both countries in particular. Such interactions will enable both the navies of the region to jointly ensure maritime security in the IOR.

The Admiral highlighted Pakistan Navy’s role in counter terrorism and counter piracy operations since 2004 and 2009 respectively in North Arabian Sea (NAS), Gulf of Aden (GOA) and Horn of Africa (HOA). CTF 150 and CTF 151 are demonstration of Pakistan Navy’s commitment and resolve to maintain peace and order at high seas surrounding two countries.

The Chief Guest also appreciated the operational capabilities of RSNF Officers and men displayed throughout the exercise and hospitality of RSNF Eastern Fleet Command during stay of PN Flotilla at Port Al Jubail.

Earlier, debrief about conduct of various phases of the exercises was conducted by Pakistan Navy Flag Officer Sea Training representative and RSNF Fleet Training Group. Debrief analyzed performance of all participating units and focused on areas needing improvement, highlighted lessons learnt from various operational activities and recommendations for future exercises. Debrief was also attended by Rear Admiral Laafi Bin Hussain Al Harbi, Commander RSNF Eastern Fleet and a large number of officers from PN and RSNF.