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WWE: Ziggler Becomes Third Highest Paid Superstar

New Delhi (February 22, 2018): According to the latest reports, WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler has signed a new two-year deal with World Wrestling Federation, making him one of the top earning superstars.

There were multiple reports claiming Ziggler might leave WWE soon as he wasn’t keen on extending his contract but as per Sports Illustrated, he was always planning on resigning. Though, what may have heavily contributed to the two-time World Heavyweight champion putting pen to paper, was WWE’s new offer – a mouth-watering deal worth USD 1.5 million per year.At the Royal Rumble last month, Ziggler was the 30th entrant and the salary he now draws puts at the third spot, behind superstars Brock Lesnar and John Cena who are the top two earners.

It has also been claimed that WWE having a say on the independent project Ziggler could take was one of the bone of contentions between the two parties. He will now be allowed to take part in them provided they don’t clash with his WWE schedule.

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