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6th Anniversary of Giyari Sector Martyres

Web Desk(April 07, 2018): On April 7, 2012, an avalanche struck Pakistan Army’s permanent base near Siachen Glacier region, trapping 140 soldiers and civilian contractors under deep snow.

It was the worst avalanche that the armed forces experienced in the snow-buried area.Siachen is in Kashmir. The no-mans-land is 20,000 feet (6,000 metres) above sea level. Military experts say the inhospitable climate and avalanche-prone terrain have claimed more lives than gunfire.

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After the incident, Pakistan Army initiated a search operation which went on for nearly two months. On 29th May 2012, all the soldiers were declared martyrs.

Social media was rife with tributes to Pakistani soldiers who lost their lives in a deadly tragedy in the Gyari sector.Ex-Army chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani also visited there at that time the operation was finished at 29 may 2012 and all the martyrs were shift to their respective villages. All the famous international rescue teams declare this operation is impossible but Pak army makes it possible salute Pak army.

The temperature there at winter is -52 degrees and at summer 12 degrees and the normal dress, there is helmet and snowsuits. Then why we do not praise our brothers for their sacrifice.

The nation remembers their martyrs today and we all pray for them.

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