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Earth Quake In Japan Injures Five People

Tokyo (April 09, 2018): Five people injured and buildings and roads damaged in an earth quake hit western Japan early on Monday, local media reported.

The shallow tremor was reported as 6.1-magnitude by the Japan Meteorological Agency, according to Kyodo news agency, although USGS gave its strength as 5.7.

It rocked the west of the main island of Honshu, 96km north of Hiroshima.

Five people were hurt in the quake, including a 17-year-old boy who broke his leg after falling from his bed, but no life-threatening injuries were reported.

About 100 households lost water supplies and 50 households saw their electricity cut, Kyodo reported, adding there was also damage to some buildings and roads.

However, no problems were reported at the nearby Shimane nuclear power station, the agency said.

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