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US Woman Hasn’t Worn Any Shoes in Three Years

Web-Desk (April 13, 2018): An American, Kasandra Smith from Macon, Georgia has not worn shoes in three years even marrying without any on, is now set to hike more than 500 miles barefoot.

20-year-old, says binning her shoes massively reduced the anxiety she’d suffered with in the past.Kasandra and Dom out shopping (Collect/PA Real Life)Kasandra, who combines landscaping with a variety of jobs, including reading tarot cards – first started going barefoot after finishing school. Growing up, she had a slightly larger frame and, feeling self-conscious doing PE at school, almost exclusively wore flip flops so she could get out of participating.The more she wore them, the more free she felt. She explained: ‘I especially loved walking in the snow. My feet were really able to breathe, and my whole body felt cooler and calmer.

People always ask if walking around in the snow hurts, but it really doesn’t.’ Leaving school in 2015, Kasandra, who is also an ordained priestess, decided to wean herself off wearing shoes – at first, making some concessions, like putting on flip flops to go shopping or to restaurants.Image result for barefootAfter about two months, though, she ditched wearing footwear for good. ‘I’ve only ever been told to leave a shop once. It was a home and hardware store and they told me they were worried about something falling on my feet,’ said Kasandra.

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