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50-Year-Old ChuanDo Tan sets internet on fire

Singapore (January 31, 2018): 50-Year-Old ChuanDo Tan is a professional photographer who used to be a model in his earlier days. So let’s find what’s his secret to stay younger…

ChuanDo Tan works out regularly to stay fit.he eats a lot of Hainan chicken to stay healthy he also does not take bath late at night or early in the morning.ChuanDo Tan wears SPF 500 before he ventures out in the sun.he was one of Singapore’s most sought-after models in the late ’80s and early ’90s.he even tried his luck as a pop singer for a brief period before getting into celeb photography.

ChuanDo Tan started a photography business with his good friend Frey Ow—ChuanDo & Frey.

he and Frey Ow have worked with Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, apart from shooting Janet Jackson’s album cover for ‘Discipline’ in 2008.ChuanDo Tan known as CD to his friends and within fashion circles.ChuanDo Tan also owns a modelling agency.According to ChuanDo Tan, becoming a fashion photographer was not easy, he admitted in an interview with Straits Times in 2001.he swims regularly to stay fit.he goes on low-fat diet to retain his muscle weight and minimise weight gain in case he misses out his gym workout.ChuanDo Tan avoids eating seven hours before bedtime. In case hungry, he prefers a snack of 10 almonds.he recommends less carbs and more proteins, and restrict sugar to day time.ChuanDo Tan avoids coffee and tea but drinks plenty of water.

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