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53 Coronavirus Reported In Karachi In The Last 24 Hours

Karachi: New cases of coronavirus have surfaced in Karachi as 53 cases reported in the last 24 hours across the city.

According to department of health Sindh, as many as 420 patients of covid-19 are existed in Karachi.

During the one week time as many as 194 people are confirmed for the virus while the rate of the virus turned positive of figure 15 percent.

As many as 452 people are suffering from the coronavirus out of which 16 are hospitalized while four are in critical conditions whereas 436 are qurantine in their homes.

Existing variant of coronavirus are lesser tensed in patients owing to Sindh government impressive measures regarding the covid 19.

The government of Sindh health department has directed the citizens to observe cautions and take injection of boster vaccine.